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      2. The CommScope Multi Tenant Data Center (MTDC) Alliance program

        The multi tenant data center (MTDC) market is both crowded and competitive—with more than 2,200 providers across more than 100 countries, selecting the right MTDC can be challenging.

        To help enterprises navigate this space, CommScope developed the Multi Tenant Data Center Alliance program. By partnering with industry leading MTDC providers across the globe, we can provide you that edge—with our MTDC alliance partners, best-in-class connectivity solutions and dedicated, global support team, we can help ensure your data center initiatives are successful.


        The following are official CommScope Multi Tenant Data Center Alliance program partners:
        Locate an MTDC partner today

        Our multi tenant data center (MTDC) locator will help you learn more about the top MTDC operators and where they can support your business needs.

        Equinix logo


        Contact:?Steve Abraham

        Digital Realty logo

        Digital Realty?

        Contact:?Scott Davison

        Raging Wire logo

        Raging Wire?

        Contact:?Jocelyn McCaslin

        T5 logo


        Contact:?Craig Mckesson

        Cologix logo


        Contact:?Wayne Dietrich

        Aligned Energy logo

        Aligned Energy

        Contact:?John Greenwood

        Sabey Data Centers logo

        Sabey Data Centers

        Contact:?Aaron Loh


        Cyxtera Technologies

        Contact:?Brian Kortendick



        Contact:?Thiago Pongelupe