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      2. Outdoor Enclosures

        View all of our Outdoor Enclosures products below:

        Reduce deployment time and save cost while protecting your network equipment

        CommScope’s field-proven and environmentally-rugged outdoor enclosures deploy quickly and offer reduced OpEx and a small footprint. Our broad portfolio features aesthetically-pleasing cabinets for power and battery, battery backup, macro cell site and micro cell site use. CommScope’s outdoor enclosures help accelerate your ROI while ensuring performance you can trust.

        • Designed and tested for superior environmental protection and thermal management
        • Long equipment and battery life, plus large battery reserve
        • Minimal acoustic signature and power consumption
        • Extreme corrosion resistant
        • In-house set up and field support as required for FOA and field trials
        • Deployed worldwide including coastal environments, extreme cold, and desert conditions