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      2. Copper Module and Wiring Block Tools

        View all of our Copper Module and Wiring Block Tools products below:

        Each point in a network is vital to overall performance and signal quality. CommScope’s reliable connectors have been developed for new and existing copper network infrastructures. We offer a variety of connectors for mass or single wire splicing in dry or wet configurations to best suit your applications, including high density mass splicing connectors? and single splice connectors (in-line & butt). We also have other tools such as 110-type punch-down tools which work with all products holding the 110-type connectivity including RJ45 patch panels and cross-connect blocks.

        Product familyInfo sheetProduct list
        AMP STACK
        AMP STACK connectors provide a simple method of high-density mass splicing.
        Family spec sheet AMP STACKAMP STACK products
        The PICABOND connectors provide lightweight, compact, in-line single splicing of multi-conductor telephone cables.
        Family spec sheet PicabondPicabond products
        Tel-Splice II
        Tel-Splice II connectors provide an economical and reliable means of butt connector single splicing telephone cable conductors.
        Family spec sheet Tel-Splice IITel-Splice II products
        Other wiring block tools
        110 Series
        SL Series
        Uniprise M Series
        KJ Series
        ?Other wiring block tools products