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      2. In-building wireless solutions

        Welcome to the next utility

        With an estimated 80 percent of mobile traffic originating or terminating within a building, universal in-building wireless networks have become as vital to your enterprise as water or electricity.

        Today’s data-hungry devices simply cannot be served by the outdoor macro network. Wi-Fi helps, but it requires manual authentication and does not support cellular voice calling. The evolution to 5G—combined with the explosion of internet of things (IoT) devices—will raise the stakes even higher.

        At CommScope, we make it our business to know what’s next. By offloading traffic from high-rise buildings, sprawling campuses, crowded stadiums and hotel conference rooms to our portfolio of dependable, inventive solutions, we can help ensure your customers stay connected.

        C-RAN antenna systems
        CommScope’s innovative C-RAN antenna system provides the multi-operator multi-technology advantages of a distributed antenna system while sharing baseband resources across a campus or metro area.

        Distributed antenna systems (DAS)
        By deploying a network of unobtrusive antennas throughout your building, our DAS solutions produce world-class quality of service (QoS). CommScope DAS systems are designed to be flexible, scalable, and efficient. They're easy to deploy and maintain.

        Indoor C-RAN small cells?
        Our small cells use an innovative centralized C-RAN architecture to generate high capacity and excellent coverage without handovers or interference.?

        Realize your building's full potential with robust, affordable in-building wireless solutions from CommScope.

        Don’t have time for the full eBook on in-building wireless best practices?

        No worries. We have designed a condensed and interactive in-building wireless best practices eBook for your convenience.

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