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      2. Multidwelling Unit (MDU) solutions

        Distribute your fiber efficiently throughout apartment buildings, condos and multi-tenant units

        Multidwelling units (MDUs) present many challenges for service providers deploying FTTH networks. They must deal with complex layouts, architectural obstacles, and local regulations. Access to customer apartments and the telecoms room can sometimes be difficult, so installers need to get the job done quickly.

        Our innovative solutions help you:?

        • Deploy fiber throughout the building fast
        • Reduce the time needed for service activation, and
        • Ensure high quality and performance despite the high customer churn common in MDUs

        For example, Rapid Fiber? for MDUs is a complete preterminated pull-and-click solution that substantially reduces both the time and cost of FTTH installations.

        We also provide a range of fiber cable assemblies for use in MTU and MDU such as the RealFlex? fiber drop cable family with small bend radii, ruggedly designed for maximum flexibility, handling and performance to meet the rigors of inside or outside plant FTTX deployments.

        A wide variety of distribution hubs are available to fit any kind of MDU. We also design and manufacture fiber-optic wall-mount enclosures and distribution terminals, as well as faceplates and outlets.

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