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      2. Gain a competitive edge for your multi tenant data center

        Multi tenant data centers (MTDCs) are a smart way to grow the capabilities of your colocation IT infrastructure and control costs at the same time. But how much you get out of your space depends on how you furnish it.

        That’s where CommScope can help you get the most efficiency and performance from rack, cage, room or floor. We deliver copper and fiber infrastructure solutions, as well as insightful automated infrastructure management to ensure MTDC deployments perform their best.

        We also help MTDC owners make their spaces more attractive and valuable by providing best-in-class optical distribution frames, outside and inside plant connectivity and fiber raceway solutions for your outside plant (OSP), entrance facilities, meet-me rooms and your customers’ cages.

        Our alliances with top performing multi tenant data center (MTDC) providers can help make sure that your data center efforts are successful as these providers own, manage and operate data centers as their core competencies. The MTDC locator will help you learn more about these top MTDC operators and where they can support your business needs.

        To create an edge for your data center, partner with CommScope.

        FREE MTDC eBook now available!
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