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      2. DC power supply solutions for cell sites

        PowerShift? is the intelligent, plug-and-play dc power supply.
        Are you ready for a PowerShift?

        Not only are today’s high-performance, higher-wattage remote radio units (RRUs) consuming more power, operators are installing more of them to better support skyrocketing data traffic. These RRUs demand thicker, more expensive copper cables.

        Avoid the LTE power squeeze
        The wireless network experts at CommScope—and power experts at GE—have partnered to create PowerShift?, the industry’s first intelligent, plug-and-play dc power supply. PowerShift is designed to optimize the transmission of electrical power by regulating voltage at the RRU or remote, eliminating the need for a tower-top converter. PowerShift also increases the amount of time your battery backup runs, allowing your RRUs to stay active up to 50 percent longer in case of a power outage.

        Whether you’re adding or replacing RRUs, building new macro sites or deploying DAS, PowerShift tilts the power in your favor by helping you:

        • Simplify installations and save CapEx
        • Increase RRU uptime on battery backup
        • Expand cable lengths and standardize cable sizes

        Shift the balance of power
        Since CommScope has a proven track record of problem solving, world-class engineering and the ingenuity to bring powerful ideas to market, you can be confident that you will benefit from our infrastructure experience and power expertise. Shift the balance of power: choose PowerShift.

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